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How many of us are in situations that we should have said goodbye to long ago?  Is it a job, relationship, hometown or school?  Sometimes it could just be as simple as a mindset or mentality of defeat, negativity, pessimism, depression or despair.

Let’s start with the physical:

The physical pertains to places and things.  Sometimes we find ourselves attached to places such as a childhood home, a job that has become a comfort zone although it lacks fulfillment, or enrolled in a school to which you have difficulty progressing.

You don’t want to move away from home because, well, it’s home and it’s safe or you don’t have much responsibility.  You don’t want to leave your job because it’s a steady paycheck or maybe you don’t think you can do any better or you just don’t think you’re smart enough.  Maybe you’re a student at a school that your family wants you to attend but you feel out of place or maybe you have been taking non-challenging courses just to say you’re in school.

At what point do you take stock of your life and make the adult decision that it is just time to LET IT GO!!!  We should always find ways to keep everything in our lives afresh and new.  It doesn’t mean that all things require a grand make over or should get the boot, but we should always look for ways to make our lives better or try to improve our surroundings.

So get out of mama and daddy’s house or some other relative or friend’s home and make a life for yourself as an independent and mature adult.  It is just time to take complete control over your life and start making things happen. You have no more room for excuses by allowing life to just pass you by due to fear or irresponsibility.

 It is just time to find employment that is fulfilling, stimulating and rewarding.  Even if you stay at the same job, find ways to challenge yourself by either taking a course or learning something new.  Just do something!!  As for school, get to a place where you are comfortable and that will help propel you forward.  If that school is not your choice and your parents are paying for it, at least find a major or course of study where you know you will excel.  Stop  letting folk talk you into the life they never had or think you should have.  Never allow someone to control your life to the point of unhappiness.  It is selfish of someone to put that type of pressure on you and you are cheating yourself to allow it.  That does not mean sit around and do nothing, what it does mean is that if something isn’t working find out what does and just do it!!

Part 2 continued on the next post covering the mental/emotional….

Blessings and Inspiration,