About me

Welcome to ShannonAyersSpeaks!  My name is Shannon Ayers and I am a proud military spouse and mom of four.  My family and I have been blessed to live both domestically and abroad.  I have met people from all walks of life and it has indeed been an incredible journey.  I have spent most of my adult life offering advice and being that bended ear to family, friends and strangers alike on all sorts of life issues.  I have dealt with subject matters of marriage and divorce, relationships in general, career advice, religion and politics.  You name it and I have discussed it, had an opinion on it or at least thought about it.

This blog was created to inspire, encourage, invoke thought, and in some cases stir up a ruckus to get a conversation started about important topics and life issues.  I believe that each day should be lived to our fullest potential.  Anything short of that is cheating the world of what we can become and the contributions we can offer to our environment.  Life is too short to waste it on living beneath our greatest potential.  Here you will find articles of inspiration, real talk discussions on just about anything, expert advice on the “how to” of life and much much more.  Feel free to offer input, ideas, suggestions or just to share the love.  The only requirements are to speak real truth, keep it clean and to be your most creative unique self.  My prayer is that this blog will in some small or great measure inspire your life to positive action and growth so that your contribution to this present life is meaningful and a blessing to others as well as yourself.  Always remember who you are and whose your are!!!!

Blessings and Inspiration,


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