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Now, let’s deal with the emotional/mental:

How many of you are being held hostage to the past or are just stuck in unhealthy relationships that serve no value but instead contribute greatly to your misery? How many relationships do you have that you are afraid to just let go?

We have to be the owners of our own heart and not give it away so easily to where it is unrecognizable when we get it back if we ever get it back. Sometimes it may be those close to us like a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin…or maybe it’s a best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. Some are even on their second, third, fourth, etc. marriages that give away a piece of themselves with each relationship constantly looking for love and validation in others.

The bottom line is that you get to decide the value of your heart and your own worth. Letting go does not always mean these people cannot be a part of your life. What it does mean is that you have to relinquish their power over your happiness and take control of your own destiny relying solely and completely on the Lord for guidance and direction. I know what heartbreak feels like to be rejected, lied to, cheated on etc. It doesn’t feel good at all. It brings you to a place of feeling like there is no recovery. In the mean time, the heart-holder appears to be going on with their lives not giving you a second thought. You allow yourself to be consumed with why other people do to you WHAT YOU ALLOW!

So, once you collect yourself and realize that you are worth more than what you rent yourself out for regardless of the relationship type, you must then LET IT GO! You have more power than what you exercise over your heart, your life and your surroundings.

So I say to you this day, LET IT GO!!! Take control, pray and do a lot of soul searching for what should be important in your life and the rest of that mess, just LET IT GO! “You can do it!”, is not just a cliche’ but it is a command that I will change to say, You must do it! So get’er done!!!!

Blessings and Inspiration,