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To Every Woman — Know Your Worth And Value!

I encourage you this day to toss out the notion that:

  • you are less because “He” dumped you or cheated on you or tells you your nothing
  • you are less because “She” flaunts her body in front of you making you think that because you’re over weight you aren’t beautiful
  • the texture or length of your hair makes you less attractive
  • your skin color makes you less appealing
  • your pedigree is less than Park Avenue or Lakeshore Drive because you came from the streets, projects, trailers, foster care or no formal education
  • you are less than a woman because you had a mastectomy, hysterectomy, miscarriage or are infertile
  • you are less because mama wasn’t there or daddy wasn’t there thinking you belong to no one
  • you are not worth loving because “Friend girl” did not support you, talked about you, lied on you
  • because “He” beats on you or verbally abuses you that you’re worthless
  • that because your loved ones passed on that you’re alone because you’re not

shebelievedPlease know that God designed us as women and that he loves us unconditionally. We don’t all fit the mold of the ladies in the magazines or on tv. Some of us around “that time of the month” began to feel depressed and reflect on hurt and pain that has happened to us before or is happening right now. Or we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see and feel hopeless. Some of us walk around with a smile on our face but with tears in our hearts behind closed doors. I want you to know that you are greater than your circumstance. Stand UP “My Ladies” and know your worth. Stand up “My Ladies” and know who you are and whose you are. Stand UP and encourage one another and do not tear each other down.

Girl You Got This

Why do I write this today, because in my own reflection of looking over the years from grade school until now, I just remembered the hurt and pain that I carried for years that I did not share. I remembered what it was like to have a smile on my face when I was truly hurting inside. I remembered what it was like to be cheated on, backbitten, talked about and belittled. There are still some today that want to see me fail to remedy their pain and misfortune. But when I look at my life now, I have a faithful, loving, handsome man of God who loves me like no other. I have four beautiful children that remind me everyday just how blessed I am. If you want to know how that should encourage you…I once was that little girl trapped in an adult body who thought she was worthless because of what others said or did. And now I know that I am worth the love I receive and those around me are worth the love I give. I don’t need a husband or children to know I am blessed. I am blessed because God ordained it to be so and I choose to step in it and receive it in Jesus’ Name. I dare you to Stand UP and love yourself enough to know your worth.

Here's to good women

My Ladies, Stand UP and make your presence known that you are worthy to be loved and cherished. But it starts with you looking in the mirror and convincing that woman you see to…….STAND UP!!!!!!

Blessings and Inspiration,

Shannon Ayers Speaks