dream is free but the hustle is sold separatelyOver the last year I have had my share of EBBSand FLOWS.  I was so excited about starting a business and began the process of taking the necessary steps toward readying myself for the big six month start-up.  Everything appeared to be working well at a nice pace until I got a phone call that ended up spinning me into a whirlwind.  The phone call was about an opportunity to work with a potential NFL draft pick.  Therefore, I began the “NEW BUSINESS HUSTLE” of prepping myself for this potential client by moving into overdrive.  I was so excited and ready to embark upon an incredible journey of entrepreneurship that I knew would be an exilerating leap into the world of consulting.  This meant late nights, lots of research and spending a few dollars to get going.   Bear in mind, I work full-time, go to school full-time, I am…

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