Most people that follow gospel music know Tina and Erica Campbell as the award winning, gospel singing sensation, Mary Mary.  They are currently in the third season of their reality tv series chronicling their lives and music career.  The latest buzz regarding this gospel duo is Tina Campbell candidly speaking about her husband’s affair.  Tina fully disclosed details regarding her husband’s infidelity in an interview with Ebony magazine.  She also chose to forgive her husband and try to work things out with him to keep their family together.

She recently did another interview where she disclosed how she shared in the responsibility of her husband’s unfaithfulness.  She mentioned how she put her kids first, that she was controlling and selfish.  She mentioned how at times she did not treat him respectfully.  Since then, there has been much chatter in cybersphere criticizing Tina for her comments and admission.  This was really shocking to me that she would be so heavily criticized for speaking her truth.

Lay off of Tina and let her live her truth and heal in a way that is best for she and her family.  Don’t judge her because you don’t fully understand her admitted role in the demise of her marriage.  In no way did she give him a pass for cheating.  Anyone in a mature adult relationship should understand that in no way is infidelity acceptable under any kind of circumstances.  He has taken full responsibility and admitted to his cowardice for what he did.  Allow her situation to be an encouragement to either help you heal from your own situation or not end up having the same experience.

Men and women have to know how to treat their significant other with respect, intimacy and companionship.  In other words, you should do everything in your power to maintain a healthy and fulfilled relationship.  Ladies, we should not demean and emasculate our men because we are educated with a good job.  It also means being intimately available and yes, vulnerable too.  And remember, take care of your kids but keep your husband as a priority.  Those kids grow up to have their own lives.  Men, you should not be dismissive, insensitve and disrespectful to your lady.  It also means communicating and sharing openly instead of just talking with your friends.  When your lady is intimately available you should not take that as a license to make that the most significant part of your relationship.  For both men and women alike, keep God at the center of your relationship which will help you both identify a healthy balance of what it takes to keep the relationship solid.  What say you?

Blessings and Inspiration,