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Greetings All,

It has been a while since I have blogged last. I have had some extraordinary experiences between now and then. My newest venture is continuing to build our Hello Beautiful By Shannon Ayers’ platform to encourage women and girls to understand their beauty by design and know their worth. In order to do this, I had to do some soul searching and introspection to understand who Shannon was and who she has become.

I have been fortunate enough to successfully interview several high profile individuals speaking with them about a recurring theme of, “Defining Beauty…Loving Me”. What I aim to show is that no matter what or who a woman is, we all share a kindred vulnerability that often time sits at the mercy of our life’s experiences. It is my hope and prayer that through Hello Beautiful By Shannon Ayers, we will discover and embrace together our value, worth and truest beauty by design.

As women, we share experiences that no man can comprehend. I know personally what it feels like to go into that secret place of joy and pain that often conflict with the ebbs and flows of life. I can remember making a lot of dumb decisions in the name of seeking love, acceptance and value. I made a complete and utter fool of myself behind men who were not worth it and some so called friends who meant me no good. How many of you can relate? I am fortunate to now have a husband, children and others who love me unconditionally. However, I have come to realize that the ONE who loves me best was and is always the KEY to understanding and embracing my true happiness, value and beauty by design.

From my early years all the way through college, I vested much time and energy into people who were broken themselves and could not give me that which I truly desired…love, acceptance and value. I remember familial woes, friends and boyfriends along the way that either let me down or I let them down. I entrusted the safe keeping of my heart and happiness in the hands of others instead of God and myself. One way or another, I was never satisfied due to my own incompleteness and lack of ability to insist on love the way I deserve even from myself. I am sure many would have their own opinions of what I lacked for them as well. By no means is this an indictment on my family, friends or ex-boyfriends. Some were jerks and some were decent but all were at some point dealing with their own shortcomings and insecurities.

What I have learned over the years through my many mistakes and bad connection choices is that it really is okay to love myself for who God designed me to be, flaws and all. One of my biggest weaknesses when it came to relationships with family, friends or boyfriends was that I often put their happiness above my own and adopted negative and/or judgmental opinions of me as fact.

With much introspection and many of life’s lessons of learning how to love me, I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed beautiful by design. Therefore, for every bad relationship, family troubles or mistaken connections, I am thankful for these lessons that led me to this place of helping other women and girls make their own discoveries of their value and beauty. I do not, by any means, consider myself to have arrived. This is a continual learning adventure that is now on the right course of discovering all the greatness that is within me and you. Additionally, what I do know now that I did not know then, is that I am worth the trouble and so are you.

Therefore, I say to “US”, HELLO BEAUTIFUL and welcome to understanding who we were designed to be.

Blessings and Inspiration,

Shannon Ayers Speaks

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