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Feature FridayI am proud to introduce my very first “FEATURE FRIDAY” by posting a feature done on myself by THE QUEEN’S ENGLISH PR.  I am honored, humbled and so grateful to The QUEEN’s ENGLISH PR for featuring me and my business on Working Woman Wednesday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Blessings and Inspiration,

Shannon Ayers Speaks

The Queens English PR

This week we shine the Working Woman Wednesday Spotlight on Shannon Ayers of STAR Management Consulting. Just launched in January of this year, this Honolulu, HI based company provides support for  Customer Service, Human Resources and Public Relations Consulting.

Shannon Ayers, STAR Management Consulting Shannon Ayers,
STAR Management Consulting

Shannon is a military wife and mother of four that has had the opportunity to travel the world. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and is actively working towards Masters Degrees in Human Resource Management and Business Administration. Whew! That just sent my brain into overload 🙂 How does she do all of this? Shannon says “[It is] My faith and trust in God is the glue that holds my life together and keeps me on a path that is completely ordered by the Lord.”  Amen!

Let’s learn more about Shannon and STAR Management Consulting

Why did you become a business owner? …

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