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We are in a day and age of vast technology that continually grows everyday.  SOCIAL MEDIA has become the most used form of communication between family, friends and strangers.  Like many others, I peruse through FACEBOOK looking at photos, videos, news stories, and crazy postings that are circulated in a matter of seconds to thousands of people.  As I am viewing these items, I see so many different postings that are displayed in incredilbly poor taste and judgement…some from people I know and some I do not know.  This makes me ponder on whether or not these people realize the type of image that is being portrayed of them in SOCIAL MEDIA.

Think Before you Post Online

We all know at least one person that has lost their job, ruined their marriage or embarrassed themselves along with their families and children. Yet, everyday someone is trying to outdo the latest SOCIAL MEDIA debacle by posting some dreadful image or video of themselves or others.  What people do not realize or take into account before indulging in such poor taste is the type of image that is building up over a period of time that may not accurately portray their true personage.  This is called media presence.

LinkedIn Be Careful

Please bear in mind that when you interview for a job, put in an application for a loan, or start up a BUSINESS, your SOCIAL MEDIA presence is out there for review.  There is no real way to regulate how someone will research you on the INTERNET to see what you are about.  If you don’t get the job, they may not tell you that it was due to borderline pornographic pictures that you posted or the vile language you displayed in your postings.

Willy Wonka

People are going to judge your character and in some cases intellect by the the decisions you make in SOCIAL MEDIA.  You just never know how this will affect you in the long run.  Your present situation may not appear to be in jeopardy, but in this fiscal climate, things change all the time.

Also, those of us that are parents have a moral and parental responsibility to protect our kids.  If you are posting inappropriate IMAGES of yourself or speaking in a manner that would not be acceptable for your kids, think about how they can be affected.  Kids have the Internet right at their fingertips and can be exposed to social media with or without your permission.

So ask yourself, is it really worth it?  If it crosses your mind to post a picture of your two year old drinking beer, a video of your little girl dancing like Beyonce or a selfie of you in your undies, spare us and yourself the embarrassment by utilizing common sense and self restraint.  After all, your future and my sanity depends on it.

Blessings and Inspiration,

Shannon Ayers Speaks