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Most in present day associate the term “GLADIATOR” with Shonda Rhimes’ hit television show, Scandal. Many are referring to themselves as GLADIATORS all over Facebook and Twittersville, especially on Thursdays.  Who didn’t buy into the speech Harrison gave Quin? But are you really a GLADIATOR?


History tells us that GLADIATORS were used for sport by the Roman Empire engaging in arena combat with other GLADIATORS. More noteworthy, while a GLADIATOR’s status was considered less desirable, their unyielding spirit of fighting to the bitter end was an awe-inspiring gesture of audacity and triumph. When we think of a gladiator, we think of a beast of burden who has the fortitude, iron will and tenacity to remain an effervescent symbol of resilience and determination in combat to the death.

GLADIATOR is a powerful representation of what most of us would hope to be and others dare to consider themselves worthy of comparison.

So I ask….

Are you a GLADIATOR?

Are you willing to fight for what you want in this life?

Are you willing to fight for your dreams and goals you set long before disappointment became your foe?

Are you willing to stand up for what you know is right and true in spite of consequences?

Are you willing to fight for the love that once permeated your heart before scorn became a dominant inhabitation?

Are you willing to step out on faith and believe in the talents and abilities God placed within you to plow through adversity, interference and interruption in your life in effort to prohibit a dream to be fulfilled?


What say you…are you a GLADIATOR? I dare you to defy the odds of societal parameters and say…I am a GLADIATOR destined for success, settling for nothing less than what God intended — living a life that is pleasing to Him and before Him!! I will fight to the death against the adversities of this life that resolve to hold me hostage to my fleshly limitations. “We are more than conquerors through Him that love us!”

Blessings and Inspiration,

Shannon Ayers Speaks