Preachers' Daughters

“With judging eyes watching, the drama runs deep as the girls struggle with living up to the expectations of their parents and their congregations. As temptation, redemption, guilt and the path to right and wrong collide, will these preachers’ daughters choose sin or salvation?” 

You just read an excerpt taken from an advertisement on for the reality series, Preachers’ Daughters that is currently in its second season.  I must say that this show disturbs me on so many levels.  Being the parent of a preacher’s three daughters, I could not imagine putting our girls on display for the world to share in their indiscretions.  Not only do these kids experience a certain level of scrutiny that the average church kid does not, now the world gets to judge these young ladies as well.  You have to wonder if they have possibly kicked it up a notch since the cameras are rolling.  What is truly the purpose and how can this be beneficial to their spiritual walk?

If I am honest, I indulge in a reality show or two myself and can therefore understand the fascination with watching people’s lives unfold before our eyes.  It just really bothers me that these young ladies are not adults, they are children who are not mature enough to make a decision about putting their lives on full display and who will forever be just a Google away from view.  I would be really interested in interviewing these young ladies about five to ten years from now to see how they feel about their behavior as teens being televised.  The same should be said about Honey Boo Boo and other kids who are basically exploited for entertainment purposes, it just doesn’t seem right to me.  What say you?

Blessings and Inspiration,

Shannon Ayers Speaks