Did you have a productive day? Did you learn anything new? Have you gained any new experience?

Some of us have careers and some of us have jobs just to pay the bills. Whichever category you fit into, either make the best of your situation or find a better one. It is so easy to become content and/or complacent in your everyday life with no motivation to do better or be better. If you have a crappy job, ready yourself for a new one. If you don’t have the finances to go back to school, find ways to gain more experience on your current job or find on-line opportunities to learn something new that will enhance your knowledge base thus making you more marketable. And don’t forget the good old fashion library that has a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you in your effort. If you have an opportunity to cross-train on your job, do so even if it is not your interest or speacialty. You never know where it may lead. Ask a co-worker to show you something about their job that you didn’t know.

I challenge you today to plan on learning something new tomorrow. I would love to hear about it no matter how big or small. Be of good courage and go after a better life, a better situation and most importantly — A BETTER YOU!!.