I just spent a couple of months in a funk because my life isn’t where I want it to be. I was a bit grouchy with my husband and kids. Every little thing irritated me. That time of the month only made it worse.

My job situation is far from inspiring. I still have two classes to finish a Masters degree and three classes to to finish another, yet it still seems so far out of reach. The kids won’t clean up after themselves without me yelling from the time I get home from work until they go to bed. Lastly, I really want to lose weight.

Okay, that’s everyone’s life right? One day I had to ask what was I doing to encourage myself into a better tomorrow.  It was a slap in the face question because I realized at that moment that I am the culprit hindering my progress. I had to reflect on the aforementioned realizing that if I want my job to be more inspiring for intellectual stimulation, promotion, learning and growth, I have to make it happen.

So I started learning other jobs in my department so that I can increase my knowledge base and experience, make myself more visible in the workplace and become more marketable for other growth opportunities.  As for school, I have to refocus and “get’er” done without excuses and make the necessary sacrifices to get pass the finish line.  Afterall, I made it this far right?  About the kids, I had to start removing fun stuff until they’ve earned it. I had to hold them accountable for their environment without the feeling of “Mommy Guilt” when it comes withholding their stuff.  Lastly, in order to lose weight, I have to make a health choice in deciding to just do it.  It really is that simple.  Five pounds down already!!! Who Whoo!!!!! The importance of me losing weight is so that I can be healthy and increase my life span for as long as God allows me to walk this earth. I also have so many cute clothes that are just calling my name, but I can’t answer back until I get the weight off (It’s a girl thing!!).

So what should all of this mean to you? Are you holding you back from living your best life and enjoying the journey?  What can you change in your environment that can reroute your path in a more positive direction?  Make the decision today to change at least one thing that is not working for you.  It may be a relationship, a spiritual walk, family, career, etc. Whatever it is, get it moving right now! You have to start somewhere.  Baby steps are all it takes.  Will I stick to everything I just mentioned?  I don’t know. Whether I do or don’t, I have taken away my right to complain!!!

Blessings and Inspiration,